A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.

This beautiful proverb resonates with me deeply in that each time I sit down to write, I cultivate the story with the same tender care and attention that a gardener gives to her beloved plants. The air giving life to the flora is akin to both the writer and reader breathing life into characters and other worlds. I’d go even further in imagining my stories as glasshouse conservatories; more diversely populated than a simple backyard garden. Around each dog-eared corner and every printed word, you’ll find pops of color—fresh scents—unique textures—flowers to bring you ease—herbs meant to heal—controversial weeds some may find ugly while others may find a hidden beauty—needle-sharp cacti provoking, disturbing—developing buds full of nourishing nostalgia.

This website is a thoughtful spot for all of my creative writings and endeavors. So please explore, linger, dig deep, excavate, get your hands dirty, find your weeds, find your blossoms, and allow for new oxygen, perspectives, and ideas to flow through your lungs and your mind.

Peace and love,

Cameron Finch