Sandbox Notes: The Ears Have Eyes (or Peaches Rx)


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-As Christopher Walken may or may not have said, “I got a fever, and the only prescription… is more poetry.” Check out Poetry Rx from The Paris Review – your weekly dose of poetic medicine. .

-“He spilled many ears on the table. They were like dried peach halves. There is no other way to say this.” Carolyn Forché’s poem, “The Colonel,” still shocks me every time I read it, as if I’ve never encountered those ears listening through the floorboards before. Those ears, they always are listening to something new.

-Have you ever stared at an ear? Set a timer for 2 minutes – meditate with every curve and fold and lobe of this painting. Listen to what it has to say, and know that it is listening back.

-Watch The Crown. Just that…watch The Crown.

-Frank Zappa’s “Peaches en Regalia” has long been on my list of Songs to Put You In A Good Mood.

-Elizabeth Schmuhl’s fabulous new poetry collection, Premonitions, got me thinking: our bodies are much more similar to fruit than I had ever realized.

Power Walking by Aminatta Forna (Literary Hub): a powerful essay on a woman walking alone on city streets, confronted by and confronting the male gaze.

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