Sandbox Notes: Electropop Navel


Want to dig deeper into the sandbox? Explore more at these links:

-“Navel and A Bomb” (Heso to genbaku): a modern jazz film directed by Eikoh Hosoe in 1960 (video)

Poliça’s music is described as an electropop outfit. I’m all in. (Best listened to while dancing under an orange slice moon)

-Cracking lava. Bus horns. Lemurs. The rats of NYC. Hear the planet’s poetry here in this fabulous New York Times interactive article. (Make sure your sound is on!)

How the word Americans most stray away from started out with feminist origins. (Naturally I had to research this for a poem I’m working on!)

-This Washington Post article explains how the atomic bomb is (or is not) taught in classrooms around the world…and it is appalling.

-The Blue Man Group started their own progressive, independent preschool in NYC!

-This is what 18 looks like for girls around the world.

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