Anonymous Grocer 1/30: [Impossibilities? No.]

Hello friend! 
Happy Poetry Month and welcome to Anonymous Grocer, a 30-day audio adventure in backwards poetry. Each day: a new poem, a new collection of words in unfamiliar and spiraling patterns, a new audio message to ease you into your day. 
Today, we kick off the series with the ebullient, open hearted poetry of Frank O’Hara, patron saint of modern art and NYC hot dogs. 
Discover more about this poet here.
Do you have requests for poems or poets you’d like to see featured in future Anonymous Grocer episodes? I’d love to hear from you!
Peace and love,

One thought on “Anonymous Grocer 1/30: [Impossibilities? No.]

  1. Fantastic! This tickles my brain. 🙂 THANK YOU for making this – looking forward to starting my day with this audio… please send to my email inbox. LOVE! Jill

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