Anonymous Grocer 22/30: [Gloves. Silk her removes eventually]

Hello friend!
Welcome back to Anonymous Grocer, a 30-day audio adventure in backwards poetry. Each day: a new poem, a new collection of words in unfamiliar and spiraling patterns, a new audio message to ease you into your day. 
Today, I share with you two short poems from one of my most beloved collections of translated poetry. (It was so difficult to only pick two!) Chika Sagawa is often described as the “Japanese modernist poet you’ve never heard of” and oh my, every one of her poems is a blade-edged mollusk: little encapsulated swirl worlds of shocking beauty, sublime opalescent imagery, and exquisite bone-wracking horror. Translator Sawako Nakayasu’s collection of Chika’s poetry — ranging from poetry written from 1930-1935 — is a portal to return to again and again.
Discover more about this poet here
Do you have requests for poems or poets you’d like to see featured in future Anonymous Grocer episodes? I’d love to hear from you!
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