Hear from recent clients about their experiences!

“They say you can only pick two of the three: cheap, fast, and good. Cameron breaks that rule. After a year of struggling with my novel, I found Cameron’s advice a breath of fresh air. Not only did she help refine my story and improve sentence structure, she served as a much needed sounding board for various concerns—from assessing my characters’ motives to considering market fit. Cameron’s edits were quality, her turnaround quick, and all at a fair price.” ~ Justin Anderson, novelist (December 2017)

“I have had the privilege of collaborating with Cameron on many publication projects, including several large professionally-printed books. Cameron is a skillful editor with a keen eye and a thoughtful approach. She is wonderful to work with—professional, timely, and friendly. Cameron is able to utilize our specialized style guide to identify necessary changes. She makes thoughtful suggestions based on voice & clarity, and honors the author’s intention while keeping the audience in mind. Whenever I have a project that could benefit from the highest quality proofreading and copyediting, I ask Cameron if she is available!” ~ Frances Martin, Program Manager at 826michigan (March 2018)

“Cameron is supremely professional, organized, and efficient, from big-picture collaborative visioning to grammatical small-scale copyediting to every thoughtful correspondence with authors. I am grateful for her partnership [at Hunger Mountain] during my first year as Editor, and I would trust Cameron with any project I cared deeply about.” ~ Erin Stalcup, Editor at Hunger Mountain (June 2019)

“Cameron’s contributions to shaping my manuscript into a more cohesive story was invaluable. I am confident that the novel I submit to any agent, editor, or publisher will be appreciated for its consistent verb tense, point of view, voice, and sentence structure. I first worked with Cameron when a story I submitted to Hunger Mountain placed well in their Short Fiction contest. I was immediately impressed not only with her attention to detail, but also her practical-minded approach to storytelling. A year or so later, when it was time to start combing through my novel manuscript, I was excited when she agreed to take on the project.” ~ Davis Enloe, novelist (June 2019)

“Cameron’s edits were so important in getting my manuscript to where it needed to be. She worked quickly, but made sure she took the time to explain all of her changes to me. I’d definitely work with her again!” ~ Nicole Z. (September 2019)