Two New Fiction Pieces “Limerence” and “High Yellow” in Dream Pop Press

I am overjoyed that two of my short fiction pieces, “Limerence” and “High Yellow,” are in the second issue of Dream Pop Press, which you can read online here. Both take you into very surreal situations, but in very different locations. “Limerence” gives you access inside a fantastic shadow emporium, where a deeply conflicted employee finds herself sacrificing everything to save a stranger’s soul, while “High Yellow” is a nod to Icarus in an art museum setting.

An excerpt from “High Yellow”:

The sign warns Do Not Touch. Anyone who has ever been to an art museum before understands this. There is even a limp string, roping off the space one foot from the wall. And still, the man reaches his hand forward. Slowly, as if he has never observed his arm move this way through air. The gallery assistant nearest to the impending incident speaks at the man, but he doesn’t flinch in shock/cringe in fear/flex in rebellion/not even a nod of juvenile embarrassment. Other assistants gather now—other patrons too—around him, forming a semi-circle. Around the man with the goldfinch on his shoulder.

I especially want to thank VCFA alum and founding editor, Isobel O’Hare, and her co-editor, Carleen Tibbetts, for their encouragement and excitement about these pieces. I’m so delighted to be featured in this issue!



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