Snow, glorious snow! I’m back in Ann Arbor and there are cookies to deliver. It’s a Finch tradition to bag up homemade cookies and give them to the hard-working crews at the local Literati Bookstore and 826michigan Writing Center, to the homeless folk selling newspapers on street corners, to my most beloved UMich profs. What can I say — my favorite holiday book was Eloise at Christmastime when I was younger. I love to sklinkle my way around town to bring people goodies. ♩Oh trinkles oh trinkles sing fa la la lolly ting tingle bells there and here ♩

Today is Yule and we shall celebrate with pine-scented candles and solstice dancing and a screening of The Holiday, because Mr. Napkinhead.

Merry merry and a bucket of eggnog and rum to you all. With snow and peace (we need a whole lot of it after this year) and all those blinking fairy lights.


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