Towel Day 2018

The past few days I’ve been trapped in the cave of end-of-the-month deadlines, full of writing and editing and pulling together interviews and media galleries. Though I am biking more, which brings me great joy, and at least I know where my towel is (I hope you haven’t forgotten yours!)

PC: Lemonly

I’m attempting to be a very hoopy frood and trying to get everything done before Trey and I go to NYC over the Memorial Day weekend. It will be his first time in ze Big Apple, so we have plans to walk The High Line, discover Brooklyn, time-travel in The Met, and watch the sunset silhouette Miss Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry. Oh, and we have tickets for The Book of Mormon, too!

Until then, I have this cat and this book to keep me company.

A very heartfelt book that made me feel everything extremely deeply. Already know it is on my top list for books read in 2018.
The loveliest Saki Finch

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