Sandbox Notes: Extract the Abandoned Rice Cake

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Redstone: Montpelier’s Mansion from Yesteryear (see floor plan and photos from inside here)

-Who knew that Mr. Monopoly’s real name is Rich Uncle Pennybags? This article notes that a number of people remember Mr. Monopoly wearing a monocle, confusing Pennybags with Planters’ mascot, Mr. Peanut. This is an example of a “false collective memory.” I  must confess I was one of those mistaken rememberers.

“The Gooey Details Behind a Glow Worm’s Starry Night Illusions” (New York Times)

Where does your blood go during the embalming process? and Here’s a look into all the people who handle us when we die. 

These jewel bugs died holding tightly onto hydrangea stems.

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