Sandbox Notes: Premonitions of Spam from Guantánamo


Want to dig deeper into the sandbox? Explore more at these links: 

-Check out this fabulous conversation I had with the poet Elizabeth Schmuhl about her family’s fruit farm, abjection, the connotation of “premonitions,” synesthesia, and more. (Michigan Quarterly Review)

-In honor of the entire Monty Python catalog up on Netflix, we’ll be eating Spam for days. (video)

-I’ve been taking a Future Learn online course on the history of Butoh dance, particularly focusing on the perspective and aesthetics of Tatsumi Hijikata. In 1949, Tatsumi arrived in Tokyo and watched Kazuo Ohno dance for the first time, calling him “a poison dancer” or literally, “a powerful drug dancer.” Watch Hijikata dance here and here.

-I’m obsessed with these purposefully redacted poems by Solmaz Sharif.


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